Watching and Listening | August and September 2022

I’ve been really struggling with focusing on TV and/or movies lately. I’ve started so many things that I’ve shut off after a few minutes because I just knew I wouldn’t be paying attention. So unsurprisingly, this is another reasonably short update for August and September. Without further ado, we’re just going to jump right in.


In August, I finally finished up Falcon and the Winter Soldier by watching the last two episodes. I’d been feeling kind of ambivalent about this series, but I did actually really enjoy these two episodes, and I’m glad I made the time to watch them. I also watched the first episode of She-Hulk and I haven’t continued that since—I didn’t dislike it, but I’m feeling a bit Marvel’d out. I’ve not really enjoyed this phase so far so I think I’m going to hold off watching anything else for a while.

In September, my partner and I watched the first episode of The Sandman. It takes us a lot to decide to watch something, but we wanted to start a show, and this is what we went with. I’m still not really sure how I feel about it, but we will try and watch more soon. And finally, I rewatched season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer—I just wanted something easy to watch while I was feeling a bit under the weather, and this was perfect. I’ve seen the first two seasons multiple times, but I was kind of shocked by how much I’d forgotten. Onto season three now though!

Movie Rewatches

I really wasn’t in the movie-watching mood these last two months. I’ve seen few new-to-me ones that I’ll hopefully talk about later in the months, but the other thing I rewatched was Percy Jackson & the Sea of Monsters. My partner had never read or seen any Percy Jackson, and since my cat is named Percy after him, I clearly had to rectify the situation. The movies get a lot of hate, but I’ve always had a crush on Logan Lerman so I’m happy just to stare at him for an hour and a half.

That’s it for August & September. What have you been watching lately?

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