What I’ve Got Out From Kindle Unlimited | October 2022

It’s time for one of my favourite posts today—it’s sharing what I’ve got out from Kindle Unlimited day! I currently have 19 books out at the moment, most of which are from authors attending one (or more) of the romance events I’ll be at next year (BABE, RARE & ARR) and I’m in the process of just reading through and seeing which authors I’d like to meet. With that out of the way, let’s get into the books.

The Stragglers

A Court of Honey and Ash (Honey and Ice Trilogy #1) by Shannon Mayer and Kelly St Clare

Still very excited to get to this one, but Shannon Mayer will be at BABE, which is the last event so I’ll probably hold off on this one for another few months.

Catch and Cradle by Katia Rose

I’m 52% through this one so far so I’m thinking I’ll probably try and finish it off in November if possible.

Rise of Hades Boxset by Mila Young

I’ve read the first two of four books in this series, so I’m currently exactly 50% through. If I can, I’ll try and read book three next week so I can read book four in November. I already meet Mila at Books In-Sight, but she’ll be at BABE & RARE too.

Asterion (The Court of the Underworld #1) by Alessa Thorn

Still very interested in this one too, but I’ve read a few similar books lately so probably will hold off on this one too.

Sin & Chocolate (Demigods of San Francisco #1) by K.F Breene

I’ve technically started this one as well, but I’ve only read 3% so not sure that it really counts. K.F Breene is due to be at BABE too.


Accacia’s Trilogy Boxset by Bea Paige

I’ve been listening to Angel talk about Bea Paige for ages, but I was never really interested in her books until I found this one. This was originally released under the name Kelly Stock, but I believe it’s been rereleased now under Bea Paige. It’s a paranormal reverse harem, which is a little more in line with the things I like to read than her more recent things so I’m excited. Bea Paige is also due to be at BABE.

Thicker Than Water by Becca Seymour

I picked up this because Lana gushed about it, and it sounded fantastic. I don’t remember much about it now, other than it’s about shifters…I think? Becca Seymour will be at both BABE and RARE so I’ll hopefully pick it up by the end of the year or early next year.

Dragon’s Blood (The Dragon’s Gift Trilogy #2) by Jada Storm and May Sage

I read the first book in this trilogy off KU back in August and really enjoyed it, so I’ve just been waiting for the chance to get to book two and then move onto the final book before the end of the year, hopefully. Book one was a really quick so I’m hoping this will be the same.

The Devil You Know by Veronica Eden

I’m a little nervous about this one. It’s just a college-based contemporary romance, which I’ve read a lot of and enjoyed before, but I’m kind of fussy about them and this is my first time trying Veronica Eden. I know she writes some dark contemporary books, but this one looks like it’s a little more on the lighter side.

Kiss Me Now (Creekville Kisses #?) by Melanie Jacobson

Okay, this one is a bit confusing because Goodreads lists it as book two but it looks like book one on Amazon. Either way, it’s a contemporary romance so it probably doesn’t need to be read in order. This just looks like a sweet, small-town kind of thing so it should be fun.

Knot All Is Lost (Knot All Is Lost Duet #1) by Elizabeth Knight

I’ve never read anything omegaverse before, which means this one is also slightly terrifying but I want to give that whole thing a go. Elizabeth Knight is due to be at both RARE and BABE, so I thought she’d be a good one to pick up soon.

Barbarian Mine (Ice Planet Barbarians #4) by Ruby Dixon

I haven’t read any Ice Planet Barbarians since August and I’ve been desperate to get back into this world. I’ll probably end up doing what I did last time, which was reading a few back-to-back and then taking a break to read other things.

Blood Bonds (The Bonds That Tie #3) by J Bree

I really enjoyed the first two books in the series when I read them in late July, but then I decided to hold off reading the rest until the sixth and final book was out. It’s due out on the 28th of October, so I’ll probably end up reading all of these back to back over the next week or two.

Icebreaker (UCMH #1) by Hannah Grace

This one came as a recommendation from Angel, who read it last week and really enjoyed it. My first-ever romance reads were all about ice hockey so I think I’ll enjoy getting back into that kind of world. The female lead in this one is also a figure skater so I think it’ll be a really fun read.

Forrest for the Trees (Green Valley Heroes #1) by Kilby Blades

I’m actually hoping to start this one tonight as it’s part of my TBR for the Book Snooker: Halloween edition readathon which goes until the 31st. I have one more book I’d like to finish off, hopefully by this morning so I can go into this one tonight.

Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk #1) by Bec McMaster

Bec McMaster is one of the few authors who’ll be going to all three events—BABE, RARE and ARR, so she’s definitely an author I’d like to get around to reading soon. I think I might try and pick this one up next week or at the start of November.

Muscles and Monsters (Leviathan Fitness #1) by Ashley Bennett

This is another one I borrowed because of Angel. It was already on my radar and it was on my list to borrow once I felt like picking it up, but Angel read it recently and enjoyed it so I pretty much immediately borrowed it. I’d really like to get to this one soon as well.

One Bite With A Vampire (Hidden Species #2) by Louisa Masters

Just last week I read book one in this series, Demons Do It Better and really loved it. I’ve already preordered the rest of the series to pick up at RARE, but since that isn’t until April next year I wanted to read this one while I still remember book one.

Haunted by Shadows (Magic Wars: Demons of New Chicago #2) by Kel Carpenter

This is basically the same situation. I loved book one last week, Kel Carpenter will be at BABE in June but I definitely don’t want to wait that long to continue this story. I have already started this one, but I’m only 4% in so I’ll probably try and finish this over the next week too.

That’s it for today. What have you got out from KU right now?

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