Who Are My Most Talked About Authors?

The other day I was thinking to myself—I wonder which authors I talk about the most on my blog. So I went and had a quick look at the different tags I’ve used and put together this little list the top 8 authors I’ve tagged the most in different posts. So let’s have a look…

Agatha Christie – 11

If you’ve been around for a while, this probably won’t surprise you. Christie is both my favourite and most read author, and because she has such a long backlist, I’m always adding her books to my seasonal TBRs and, of course, adding my mini reviews.

Rick Riordan – 10

This one surprised me a little because I haven’t read that much Riordan lately. I just started rereading The Heroes of Olympus series so this number is definitely about to hike up. I think these tags mostly come from TTT posts—as one of my all-time favourite series, I mention Percy Jackson a lot in those kinds of posts.

Olivia Dade – 10

I knew this one would definitely be high up on this list. I read Olivia Dade for the first time this year and immediately became obsessed with her work. I’ve read five of them so there’s a bunch of mini-reviews, but I’ve also talked about her in various TTT and romance-related posts.

Sarah MacLean – 10

This one is definitely from last year. Sarah MacLean was my most read author of 2021, but I’ve only picked up one thing from her this year. I guess I’ve been feeling a little burnt out by her books, especially as I have such a love/hate relationship with them, but I do have at least one I’d like to get to before the end of the year.

Katee Robert – 9

I’m a little surprised Katee Robert isn’t higher, though I only started reading her at the end of last year. She’s very quickly become one of my favourite authors, as well as one of my most read. I’ve still got quite a few of her books I want to read this year alone, so this number is definitely going to go up too.

Julia Quinn – 8

I don’t think I individually reviewed the Bridgerton books as I was reading them which is probably why this number is a little lower considering the number of books I’ve read from Julia Quinn. She’s another author with an extensive backlist that I’m slowly making my way through.

Daphne du Maurier – 7

I still consider Daphne du Maurier to be one of my favourite authors, but I don’t really talk about her or read much from her these days. I’ve worked my way through most of her published works with only a few left. Maybe once I read those last ones, I’ll have some more things to talk about in regards to her.

Laura Thalassa – 7

This one shocked me as well because I feel like I talk about the Four Horseman series all the time, but I guess not as much as I thought. Laura Thalassa is definitely a relatively new favourite author of mine—I read her for the first time in 2020, but again I’ve got more of hers to pick up in the near future.

So those are the authors I talk about the most. I don’t think any of these are too left of field for me, even if some of the numbers are a little surprising. It’ll definitely be interesting to see in a few months time how different this list might end up being. But for now, I hope you’re all doing well!

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