This Is Just Filled With Percy Pictures

Today is a very special day—it’s Percy’s 4th birthday. So to celebrate, but also to hopefully make some of your days, here’s a post just filled with adorable photos of Percy.

This is the first photo of Percy on my phone. This was taken the night I adopted him. I can’t believe how little he looks here—he was about nine months old when I got him.

Percy is a big fan of blankets, and also sleep. Like mother like son, hey?

What can I say other than my cat is a model?

Blankets and Mr Penguin? Percy is in heaven. He’s not usually one for plush toys—he prefers things he can bat along the ground, but he does love a snuggle with Mr Penguin.

This is my most recent pic of Percy. I took this maybe half an hour ago while he was looking regal. See what I said about blankets though? He’s really a big fan of them, especially when he can steal them from me.

You’re welcome.

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