Let Us Read Middle Grade | Sign Up

I don’t usually join in with that many year-long reading challenges created by other people. I have a terrible memory and I can barely remember to do my own challenges. But then this year, Annemieke from A Dance With Books created (/continued to host) two amazing challenges—you might have seen my sign-up for Turtle Recall last month, and today I’m signing up for the Let Us Read Middle Grade challenge!

I know it’s already February, but I just didn’t have any room in my blogging schedule to fit this in until now. This is a super chill challenge—there are no levels, no rules, just read as many middle grade books in 2021 and review them if possible.

Like Annemieke, I had a quick look over how many MG books I actually managed to read in 2020; the answer being 30. Granted, I did reread the entire Percy Jackson and the Olympians series at the end of the year so the number is a little higher because of that. I also realised I don’t have that many unread on my shelves right now, so I’ll definitely be raiding my library’s ebook service to pick out some good ones, maybe some new releases.

I’m not going to pick out a TBR at this point, but I will remember to update you all in a couple of weeks time when I share my firstly quarterly goals update!

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