Quarterly Goals Check-In #1

Can you believe how far into the year we already are? I swear it was January just yesterday. Anyway, with March now coming to an end, it’s time to share my reading goals update for this quarter. I made a video about it on my Booktube channel, but I’ve also written in down for you all here. So let’s get into it.

Read 200 Books

Since this video was filmed last week, I can update this one and say that I’ve read 56 books so far this year. That puts me a little bit ahead for this month now.

Under 200 on my TBR

This goal was to have 200 books on my TBR at some point during the year. As mentioned in the video, I managed to do that twice! I’m still hanging on at 199, but I do have some books to pick up this week so that number is about to shoot up again.

Read All Pre-2019

This goal is to read all the books on my TBR that I purchased pre-2019. I started the year with 21 on that list and I now have 10. It’s looking like I’ll be knocking at least another two off that list before the end of April, so this is going much better than expected.

Finish/catch up 15 series

I’m actually doing better with this that I expected to, so far I’ve finished three series and caught up on another two. I’ve also got quite a few that I’m getting closer to finishing or at least being caught up with, probably about four or five or those.

Those finished series are;

The Hathaways series by Lisa Kleypas in mid-February.

The Stella Montgomery Intrigue series by Judith Rossell in late Feb.

The School for Heiresses series by Sabrina Jeffries at the start of March.

I also caught up with Nghi Vo’s The Singing Hills Cycle and The Four Horseman series from Laura Thalassa.

Turtle Recall | Let Us Read Middle Grade

Grouping these two together for this post as they were both created by Annemieke. You can see my sign up posts here and here respectively if you want more information on the challenges and my goals. I’m on track for Turtle Recall, having read one of the six Pratchett’s I said I would. I’ve now read six middle-grade books, so still not quite what I’d hoped for but I have plenty of time to catch up yet.

Translated Books

Since filming this video, I’ve actually read one translated work so at least I’ve started on this one now. That was The Wandering by Intan Paramaditha, but I’ll talk more about that one later.

I won’t be talking about the haul revisit section here as that’s not something I’ve talked about on here, but I plan to in the next few months. Let me know if you’d be interested in that sort of thing over here.

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