What Happened To My Daily Posting?

You might have noticed that I missed a few days of my month of posts lately. I’m here today to quickly update you all on that. The basics are that I’m not going to be continuing with that for the rest of the month. But, it’s because of good things!

I started a new job last week and I didn’t have enough notice in order to set up posts to cover those first few days of work. Honestly, it’s great to be working again. I also (kind of stupidly) set myself a whole bunch of things to read in order to do posts, which of course then got pushed to the backburner when I didn’t have time to read and thus, no posts.

So I won’t be continuing with the daily posts, but I won’t be going on hiatus either. For May, I’ll be returning to my usual schedule—which is usually a post every two to three days. So I’ll see you all in a couple days time!

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