Tarot Reflections for Autumn 2021

Today we have the first of my tarot reflections posts for the year. I’ve got a few things to go through, so let’s just jump in.

The Decks I Used

First up let’s talk about the ones I picked out as part of my ‘Tarot Decks for Autumn‘ post. I didn’t do so well wit this this season. My routine basically went out the window and with that, so did my daily readings. I dabbled here and there but nothing substanial enough to talk about.

Decks Leaving My Collection

I don’t usually get rid of decks, but I knew I really wanted to order a few decks this year and I had no space on my shelf for any more. So I ended up getting rid of four; the Neo Tarot, the Sun & Moon Tarot, the Romantic Tarot and the Crow Tarot. The first two were just simply because I didn’t connect with their art styles anymore. Which brings me to the Crow Tarot—in my opinion, this is not a well put-together deck. The cards look like they’ve just been photocopied, but on a printer that’s running out of ink. As for the Romantic tarot—this is absolutely the hardest deck to read that was in my collection. I didn’t understand the cards on their own, and the booklet usually just confused me further.

New Decks I’ve Purchased

Here’s where we get a little more interesting. I had a couple of new decks come into my life this season. Most of these are actually oracle decks, but I did manage to find the Santa Muerte Tarot. This deck is absolutely stunning and unlike anything else in my collection. I haven’t been able to play with it much yet, but I’m excited to.

Into the oracle, first I got The Language of Flowers deck from Cheralyn Darcey. I find a lot of comfort in flowers and these are really simple but effective cards. I also got the Dream Reading Cards from Rose Inserra—I honestly haven’t really used these much, I think they are very much the kind of ones I’ll be picking up here and there rather than regularly.

And finally, just recently I bought The Goddess Temple Oracle from Sarah Perini and Elena Albanese and the Pure Magic Oracle from Andres Engracia. These are both absolutely stunning decks and I’ve very excited to work with them.

And that’s all from me today. Do you use tarot? What decks have you been using?

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