My Shakespeare Project

Last week I talked about some of the classics I wanted to reread in which I talked about Hamlet and The Tempest and how I was hoping to reread them as well as some new-to-me Shakespeare. I also talked about how I was hoping to read through all of his works and that I’d be doing a post about that. And well, here we are today.

I’m going to be talking about a few of the ones I’m hoping to get to in the next few months.



Othello is one of the few I won’t be rereading as part of this project. I reread this earlier this year as part of a class and I really don’t feel the need to read it for a third time. So far this is definitely my least favourite of his works.

Hamlet / The Tempest

Obviously I talked about both of those during that post so I don’t feel like I need to rehash it all again but I will, of course, talk about them more once I’ve reread them.

New Reads

The Merchant of Venice

I honestly have absolutely no idea what this one about other than, clearly, a merchant of Venice.

Julius Caesar

I have a little bit of experience with this one. My dad’s partner and I went to see a reimagined staging of this but it was so bad we left at the interval for fondue instead. I think I’ll definitely enjoy the original more.

Troilus and Cressida

I actually bought myself a copy of this from the Globe a few years back which then got destroyed by my cat and a cup of tea. I have a new copy now and I’m very excited to give it a read.

Antony and Cleopatra

And finally, for this post, I have Antony and Cleopatra. As a kid, I was obsessed with Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt and honestly that never entirely went away. I also recently got myself a copy of a Cleopatra biography so it could be fun to read those around the same time.

And there we are! I haven’t decided whether I’ll be giving myself a time limit on this or not yet, but I will jump back in a few months time to let you know how I went with these. But until then, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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