Why My Month of Posts Didn’t Work Out This Month

You might have noticed that I totally failed at my plan to post every day this month just like I did in May, and if you didn’t—well, I failed! But today I’m here to talk to you all about why as well as some of my plans going forward.

The short version is that it was out of my control. I’m not even slightly upset at myself for not being able to pull it off this month. The longer version goes like this…

I woke up on the 14th of July feeling pretty awful. I was really weak and shaky and called into work sick with the idea of just staying on the couch and reading for the day. However, things got progressively worse and I ended up having to call the ambulance. By the time I reached the hospital I was in a pretty bad state and got sent off to ICU pretty quickly.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a type 1 diabetic and unfortunately, this exact situation is something I’m pretty familiar with. It’s called diabetic ketoacidosis and it’s kind of difficult to explain to people without a knowledge of a pretty good knowledge of how diabetes works, but basically, it’s a life-threatening situation in which my blood sugars have risen too high for my body to cope. This can happen with infections, which is unfortunately what happened this time.

I spent a few days in the ICU and then on the ward as well. I mean I know I’m pretty spectacular but this time I even shocked myself but somehow developing a blood infection that no one had ever seen before. This is just so on-brand for me that I honestly nearly laughed when they told me. Like seriously, of course, my body is the one to develop this new infection.

We’ve hopefully got it all under control now. I’m back at home and being guarded very closely by Percy who has decided I’m not allowed to be left alone. We’re also back in lockdown here in Melbourne so I’ll have plenty of time to rest up before having to go back to work.

As for blog plans, I’m giving myself a little bit of a break. If I feel like writing posts then I will, but I’m also okay with taking the next week and a bit off and starting afresh in August. We’ll just see how I end up feeling.

I hope the rest of you are doing better than I was!

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