Tarot Decks For Spring 2021

Hello, my loves! Today it’s time to look at my tarot decks for Spring. This season I’ve decided to go more for two categories rather than specific decks, so it’s a pretty short post today but let’s jump right in.

My Least Used Decks

As we slowly get closer and closer to the end of the year, I’m starting to spend more time cleaning out and organising my place. And with that comes looking at my belongings and working out what I really want and need. So that means looking at my collection and deciding if there are any that should be moved along. For this part I’m mainly looking at two different ones I own at the moment—the Tarot of the Little Prince and the Jane Austen tarot. Both are visually stunning decks, but I rarely reach for the Little Prince, and the Austen one is more a deck of cards than an actual tarot deck. So those are the two on the chopping block at the moment. I will, of course, be looking at my others to see if any of those should go too but these ones are my main focus.

New-to-me Decks

I’ve had a couple of new decks come into my life this year, so I’d really like to dedicate some time to them to see how they might fit in with the rest of my collection. I did mention some of these in my tarot reflection post the other day, but a couple of the ones I have in mind for Spring are; White Numen Tarot, the Harmony Tarot and the Goddess Temple Tarot. Some of these are very new to my collection, and others I’ve had for a little while. I’m just excited to play around with these all and see how they work in conjunction with my other decks. Just like I mentioned above, I’ll be trying to play around with a number of the different decks but these three just feel especially Spring-like to me right now.

What tarot decks are you working with right now?

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