My Bestie Picks My TBR | 2022 Edition

Today is a very exciting day because it’s time to share the 2022 version of Angel and I’s annual ‘my bestie picks my TBR’ challenge. If you haven’t seen one of these before, it’s exactly what it sounds like—Angel picked five books off my shelves for me and I have to try and read them by the end of the year. Of course, you can see the ones I picked for Angel here. But without further ado…

To Taste Temptation (Legend of the Four Soldiers #1) by Elizabeth Hoyt

Angel: This one sounds like it’s right up your alley, it also sounds really interesting. The reviews are all over the place, so I would love to know what you think of this one. I’m always up to adding more historical romance to my tbr. I haven’t read much of it recently but would love to get right back into it.

Ely: I’m really glad you picked this one because I’ve been kind of umming and ahhing about it. It’s one that I was super interested in when I bought it, but then I just kind of forgot it was on my shelves for a while. I’ve never read anything by Elizabeth Hoyt before so I’m a little nervous!

The F Team by Rawah Arja

Angel: I think we may have gotten this one around the same time and I need to know what you think. I’m really excited to jump into it hopefully this year as well. And I may as well take you for the ride with me. This one just sounds fantastic and I honestly think we are both going to really enjoy it.

Ely: I’m honestly not sure about this one, so I’m happy for a little bit of a push to read it. I’m really not into sport at all and this one is primarily about rugby, but I’ve heard that it’s a really good story so I’m excited to give it a chance.

The Winter King (Weathermages of Mystral #1) by C.L. Wilson

Angel: This one is an interesting pick. I’m really intrigued to see what you think of it. It’s that strange combo of a historical and fantasy romance and I am so here for it. This is another one that I have a copy of and I’m really interested in reading it soon. I have heard some fantastic things about it, so that makes me feel hopeful.

Ely: This is by far the one on this list I’m most excited about. In fact, by the time this post goes up, I might have actually finished it already. I decided to start it yesterday and I’ve been loving it so much that I might finish it up before this post goes live in the morning. I’m sure Angel has already heard me talk about this, but the rest of you with hear about it soon.

Daring and the Duke (The Bareknuckle Bastards #3) by Sarah MacLean

Angel: Now I loved this book. It’s such an interesting conclusion to the series and it features someone who we saw as a villain for most of the first two books. But it’s also such a fantastic historical romance. This is a second chance, enemies to lovers romance that just hits. Plus the female protagonist is badass.

Ely: I meant to finish off this series months ago, but I just kept getting distracted by other things. So I’m glad that this is on here and now I have another reason to make it a priority to read this year. I loved the first two books in this series so I have high hopes that I’ll end up enjoying this one just as much.

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Angel: Now I am really excited to see what you think of this one. I ended up really enjoying it. As you know contemporary romances aren’t my favourite thing to read, but this one is such a good read that I couldn’t help but finish it in two days. I think and hope that you are going to really like this one. And I cannot wait to chat with you about it.

Ely: I bought this in November (I think?) and I’ve just been waiting for an excuse to pick this up. And well, here we are! I’ve heard amazing things about this so I’m really excited to hopefully jump on the bandwagon for this one too. I’m also not a huge contemporary romance fan, but here’s hoping I’ll enjoy this one anyway.

And that’s it for today! Have you read any of the books Angel has picked out for me to read? Don’t forget to go check out the post on her blog to see what I picked for her!

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